(Recent) Publications

The Privacy Disconnect, under review.

Privacy After the Agile Turn, with Seda Gürses, forthcoming in Cambridge Handbook of Consumer Privacy, eds. Jules Polonetsky, Omer Tene, and Evan Selinger (Cambridge University Press), available here.

Human rights and Encryption, UNESCO Internet Freedom Series, (with prof. dr. Wolfgang Schulz), UNESCO, Paris, November 2016.

The Regulation of Internet Platforms: A European Tale of Norm Setting in Three Stages, Work In Progress.

The Potential of European Data Protection to Address Data-Driven Discrimination, Work  In Progress.

Crypto and Empire: The Contradictions of Counter-Surveillance Advocacy (with Seda Gürses and Arun Kundnani), Media Culture & Society, 2016.

From Collection to Use in Privacy Regulation? A Forward Looking Comparison of European and U.S. Frameworks for Personal Data Processing, In: Van Der Sloot, Broeders and Schrijvers (eds.), Exploring the Boundaries of Big Data, Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy, 2016, pp. 231-259.

Scoping Electronic Communication Privacy Rules: Data, Services and Values (with Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius), JIPITEC, Vol 5(3), 2015;